Advanced employee scheduling software made simple

Forganiser helps you build a schedule faster by taking into account staff vacation, availability, payroll costs and more.

  • Save on labour costs
  • Time clock
  • Easy online scheduling
  • Add additional staff fast and easy
  • Employee mobile app
  • Reporting
  • Overview
  • Analysis

Fast, efficient and versatile

Control your labour costs

Forganiser's focus lies on smart scheduling and calculating labour costs. Several restaurants have been able to significantly increase their profit margin by using our software.

Work faultlessly

Are you managing your work contracts yourself? Employee administration is a time-consuming obligation for every employer with flexible labour.

Save valuable time

All administration is digitalised. From work contracts over working hours to the processing of your applications. No more paperwork, no more retyping, all personnel administration in one digital platform.


Connect with both your permanent and temporary employees and make the most of your talents and achieve results.

Workforce administration for a large team? A piece of cake!


Scheduling is done very quickly 'From Scratch' or by simply copying a schedule from the past. No duplications, no mistakes. Assigning employees is easy with the convenient 'Click & Book' feature. Not only that, but you can also choose the right employee with the 'Smart Forganiser' function that finds the most fitting place and time to work for your employee.

Send contracts safely and correctly

Labour contracts are drawn up based on the schedule for an error-free administration. The contracts are drawn up automatically and sent to the right employee. Via the app, the employee is able to sign the contract immediately.

Manage your permanent and flexible staff without administration

Forganiser has an online web based portal and an employee smartphone application where applicants can manage their own data. No more hassle with forms and always the most up-to-date information in one database.

Every minute counts, because every minute costs money

Forganiser has a precise time clock feature. Through the app, which works for both Android and Apple, the employee can clock in and out. Just scan the QR code on the workplace and off you go. With Forganiser you can follow all the clock times in real time, on the website and in the handy employer application. So you don't need to log in to see if everyone is on time, just open the app on your smartphone.

Get real time information on your schedule

Forganiser comes with a handy dashboard that gives you control over your business. In a single glance you can see the work status of your staff and their labour costs. Do you want the labour costs of a specific branch? Or a time period? Or even per staff member or customer? The dashboard allows you to quickly analyse data of any parameter. Become a data analyst in your own company with this convenient feature. And it is easy to learn. With a simple click or drag and drop you can change the settings of your dashboard. It compares the turnover to your actual and planned labour costs.

Always stay in touch with your employees

Forganiser has a built-in chat application that allows you to send relevant information to your employees such as briefings, reminders and invitations to work. You can chat with employees on a particular shift or even create groups based on their skills or position. With our useful app, the staff always have all the information about their workplace at their fingertips. You can send targeted messages to all teams on the work floor via our built-in chat application.

Do you also want to reduce your labour costs with Forganiser ?

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