Forganiser in the hospitality industry

Forganiser is the smart online scheduling tool that saves time and money, always deploys the right people, and forms the basis of your entire enterprise. It does all the administrative work of forwarding work schedules, requesting contracts, registering working hours and processing payroll results from a simple planning.

Don't wait any longer to digitalise, anyone can do it, including you!

Forganiser in the hospitality industry

Quick, efficient and versatile

Controlling your labour costs

Forganiser's focus lies on smart planning and labour costs management. By using cheaper staff and registering working hours efficiently and easily, your profitability improves.

Work flawlessly

Are you managing your work contracts yourself? Forganiser generates the employment contracts and ensures that they can be read and signed via a smartphone. Even information about temporary contracts can be processed in our time registration system.

Save valuable time

All personnel administration is digital. From employment contracts over benefits to the processing of applications. No more paperwork, no more retyping, all personnel administration through a single platform.

Be more efficient

Avoiding double work, you will reduce the total operating costs of your company and you can manage your processes more easily. Use your time in the enterprise efficiently.

Versatile yet convenient

Forganiser has modules for every staffing process. No more integration costs with expensive IT solutions, but a ready-to-use solution that works.

Working efficiently saves costs and money

Forganiser communicates in real time with your cash register, your HR agency, your temporary employment agency and your time registration. Data exchange is faster and you have more power to manage your organisation on time.

Save time with smart planning

Customer Experiences

an easy financial dashboard that tells me whether I am scheduling too many or too few staff

“Forganiser gave me an easy financial dashboard that tells me whether I am scheduling too many or too few staff. During the service, I can follow whether I am making a profit, which enables me to make adjustments if there are too few customers. And if we run short on staff, I can quickly call someone in, using the handy app. And the owner of the business gets a clear weekly report on the profit I made”.

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